Update for New Version 0.2.1c

  • added the save feature
  • added thought bubbles for hunger and sleepy
  • added light background music
  • did some small graphic changes
  • fixed some bugs


OrcColony_Win_64-0.2.1c.zip 152 MB
Jun 26, 2018
OrcColony_Win_32-0.2.1c.zip 151 MB
Jun 26, 2018

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Love this game. 

Had fun playing all night. 

Please add Controls tab in the settings and show the control options - WSAD


Really liked your game. It already feels like a full-fledged game. Just two minor bugs I found:
- After I raided, I had a negative amount of bronze armor. I didn't produce/buy any armor, just weapons.
- When using two screens, fullscreen doesn't really work properly. Windowed mode does work however. I am using the Linux version of your game.

Maybe you have already found or heard of these bugs, but I mention them just in case :)