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The Orc King has finally decided that you are ready to start your own colony. You are given you a single Orc Builder and a goblin to move goods around plus some gold and stone for building. 

It is up to you to dig deep underground and build rooms to attract new orcs. Don't forget to provide your orcs with food and beds for them to sleep in or they will be angry and just leave the colony.

You will also need to plan where to dig to mine ores for gold (silver, gold, emerald) or mine ores for weapons and armor (copper, iron, mithril). 

You can also form warbands to raid nearby human settlements. It is better to send your orcs with armor and weapons which will greatly increase the chance of a successful raid.

Remember to keep your renown high throughout the kingdom or the King will lose faith in you and order you to abandon your colony.


  • 15 Rooms you can build and upgrade for more efficiency
  • Build Elevators to connect the different levels of your colony
  • Form warbands that consist of your orcs to send to raid nearby human settlements
  • Orcs will get hungry and sleepy and will search for the nearest bedroom or dining room when they do

This game is currently in development. Planned features include:

  • Dynamic RPG style combat in raiding
  • Base defense when humans decide to raid your own colony
  • More buildings and more orcs
  • A lot more

Please email me any of comments or suggestions at luzongamedev@gmail.com.


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